Tips for Dating With IBS

In any new type of relationship, a concern is always on when and how to introduce to the other person that you suffer from any kind of medical issue. With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the issue may need to come up earlier in the dating relationship depending on a number of factors regarding how active the symptoms are and how much they are manifesting themselves.

Top Tips For Dating When You Suffer From IBS

#1 Honesty is the Best Policy:

Rather than there be secrets about the circumstances of why you may need to interrupt the date for an extended visit to the bathroom, it is best to share the circumstances of having IBS early on briefly but also honestly so that the person you are dating is not left in the dark. By confronting the issue head-on, it will give you a sense of the character of the person you are dating – in terms of their reaction. The stress of managing aggravated symptoms during a date without having been honest may potentially just exacerbate the issue. Moreover, since so many millions of people suffer from IBS or another illness, it may be an opportunity to reach one another and both share something that is often considered taboo to talk about while in a new dating relationship.

#2 Understand That IBS May Be a Deal Breaker:

It’s no surprise that not everyone will be supportive or understanding or willing to continue dating you with the sharing of IBS. You should assume that it may cut short a date or may be the last date you have with that person. On the other hand, if that’s the case, you really would not want to be building a short or long term relationship with that person. A person’s character really shines through with this kind of thing.

#3 Dress Practically:

There is no reason to aggravate your IBS symptoms by wearing something too tight or uncomfortable. Be smart and practical with choosing your outfit so that if you have a flare up, you need not take extra time peeling off your tight-fitting clothes.

#4 Throw Away Your Shame:

There is no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed about having IBS. Even those without IBS will have likely experienced at least one or a few of the symptoms including gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. If you need to use the bathroom, there is no reason to feel shameful for needing that time to help pass the unpleasant symptoms you may be experiencing. It’s very easy to feel bad and uncomfortable in a situation like this, but flipping it on its side is exactly what is needed. Life is not always straightforward, and that’s okay too.

#5 Plan Your Dates Wisely:

Though you may love to the idea of taking a hike to see the changing colors in the fall time, you may wish to stay out of the woods and close to a bathroom during the first number of dates while getting to know one another. Similarly, if you are going for a long drive to another undetermined location, it’s okay to be sure that the circumstances of the destination are something that is workable for you. Definitely, take pride in making sure whatever is arranged works for you and if it doesn’t, better to share than end up in a truly hard situation that spirals into something much worse.