In this Probiotic Supplement review we will investigate the product in more detail, to judge whether the product matches up to its claim, assessing the cost and risks. This probiotic claims to be effective at relieving digestion discomfort, bloating, acid reflux, as well as fatigue, symptoms associated with IBS. In addition, the manufacturer claims that this dietary supplement promotes good gut health, and enhances digestive enzymes and good bacteria within the gut.


Two capsules contain 7 probiotic strains:

  • Bacillus subtillus 2.64 Billion
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus 1.36 Billion
  • Bifidobacterium casei 1.36 Billion
  • Bifidobacterium longum 1.36 Billion
  • Bifidobacterium acidophilus 1.36 Billion
  • Bifidobacterium plantarum 680 Million
  • Bifidobacterium breve 1.36 Billion

Other ingredients include cellulose, magnesium stearate, and stearic acid.

Bacillus subtilis helps combat gastrointestinal diseases such as IBS. Lactobacillus rhamnosus has been found to reduce allergic reactions to peanuts, but also to aid with preventing diarrhea. As with bacillus subtilis, it reduces the symptoms associated with IBS. However, even though the rest of the probiotics are impressive, this product lacks important probiotic strains such as bifidobacterium infantis and pediococcus acidilactici, which have been found in clinical studies to be effective in treating IBS.


The manufacturer recommends that 2 capsules be taken each day with a meal or as instructed by a health-care worker. It is interesting to note that 2 capsules must be taken, whereas with most other similar supplements only 1 capsule is required.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer declares that there are no known side effects. However, they warn not to exceed the daily dose. Those allergic to shellfish allergy should avoid this dietary supplement. In addition, anyone below the age of 18, pregnant women, lactating mothers, or people with medical issues should first consult with their doctor before taking this product. People with soy, gluten, wheat, egg, nut, and dairy allergies, should take care, as cross-contamination at the manufacturing premises could occur.


Number One Nutrition’s Probiotic Supplement is available online direct from the manufacturer at $21.99 per bottle of 60 capsules. No discounts are available for buying in bulk. However, you can also buy this product for $18.99 on third-party sites like Amazon, where you may be locked into a subscription offer.


Even though we searched for a guarantee, we were unable to find one. We did, however, find the refund policy. This policy states that the company has no obligation to refund a customer the purchase price of  their products. The lack of a guarantee and a no-return policy could imply that the product may be less than effective.

Our Probiotic Supplement Review – Conclusion

Probiotic Supplement may be useful for IBS sufferers. It contains probiotics known to be effective in reducing symptoms. The formula has 7 probiotic strains, more than most of the other similar supplements on the market. In addition, the dosage instructions are clear, leaving the user with no doubt as to how to take this product, for best results. However, this product might be more expensive than others, considering that there are no bulk discounts. This may prove costly in the long term. Furthermore, the dosage is double that of similar products.

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