When it comes to nutritional health supplements, Research Verified are one of our #1 choices because they really do go that extra mile when formulating their products. Their IBS supplement for addressing the symptoms of IBS, as expected, doesn’t disappoint. It contains key digestive enzymes with soothing, warming, healing herbs to help both short painful discomfort as well as promote regularity and good intestinal health.

Research Verified IBS Relief is one of the best IBS supplements we’ve seen for several key reasons:

  • Contains natural digestive enzymes for assisting food break down and aid digestion
  • Contains turmeric and ginger for healing painful symptoms and discomfort
  • Contains peppermint to relieve gas and stop bloating
  • Contains natural soluble fiber to ensure regular bowel movements

It also contains piperine (Bioperine) which helps speed up the results and increase bioavailability (absorption).

It wasn’t just the ingredients that got us excited, we love that fact these guys offer you a full year to try out their products. This is the best guarantee we have seen in the industry and one that not many offer. Research Verified have a great team of experts who really look at the science behind what makes a product get great results which is why, we think, why they are able to offer such an amazing guarantee.

Another positive point about this product is the price. It is pretty much on par with other like-minded products but what we liked was that they offer the customer the control for which purchase options work for them. You can buy one or 6 bottles, depending on your personal health goals with some great savings to be had for the 6 months supply.

Together with the many positive reviews, we found for this product we were happy to write such a positive review to let our readers now that this seems to be a great product for treating IBS.

Our full review on Research Verified IBS Relief will provide all the details you need to discover whether or not this is for you.


This formulas is one of the most comprehensive that we have seen on the market and addresses a range of IBS symptoms. It includes:

  • Psyllium – a soluble fiber that helps bulk up stools to allow an easier passage through the digestive system.
  • Perilla Leaf – relieves bloating, stomach pain, and abdominal discomfort.
  • Peppermint Oil – provides soothing relief and stops gas.
  • Aloe Vera – soothing gentle laxative to support regular bowel movements.
  • Fennel – promotes regularity and soothes stomach discomfort.
  • Ginger Root – provides healing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.
  • Turmeric – treats abdominal pain and provides soothing, warm relief from pain.
  • Cumin –  helps digestion and boosts long-term gastrointestinal health.
  • Long Pepper – enhances digestion and boosts metabolism.
  • Vitamin D – boosts deficiencies present (a common issue amongst IBS sufferers).
  • Bioperine® – contains piperine that speeds up results and increases bio.
  • Natural Digestive Enzymes – key to assisting the body in breaking down food more effectively to improve digestion.


Take two per day – one in the morning and one on the afternoon. Take with a glass of water and take it half an hour before meals.

Possible Side Effects

We were unable to find any noted side effects for this product.


They have a range of purchase options available from one bottle to 6 bottle options. If you are looking for long-term treatment of IBS, the 6 month supply could be worth it as you can save over $200. Each bottle works out at $23.30. Given that you can return them if you are not happy with them (for a full year after you purchased them), this is a great option. If you want to try just one bottle, this will set you back $49.95.


365-day money back guarantee! You have a full year to try this product. If you are not happy with the results, you can return the product (even empty bottles) and get a full refund. This is the best guarantee that we have seen – ever!


This is one IBS supplement that we can really stand behind. The selection of ingredients that it contains are some of the best that we have seen on the market when we have compared other similar products. The fact it contains 10 digestive enzymes and not just one or two is great news for those who struggle digest food easily. The fact that it is all natural and has no side effects is great news for those looking to address long-term intestinal health. The added Bioperine helps speed up the results which is great news because if you suffer the pain and discomfort of IBS symptoms, you want a fast and effective solution.

We love the guarantee that this manufacturer offer and the positive reviews leave us in no doubt that this is a great product.

Why is Research Verified IBS Relief one of our top choices?

  • It contains 10 enzymes formulated to aid digestion
  • It offers a dual action solution for treating IBS by offering pain relieving properties as well as prevention from future bouts and attacks of IBS
  • It contains a healing herbal blend of ingredients which includes turmeric, ginger, aloe vera.
  • It works to promote regularity to avoid constipation.

It contains Bioperine, has a great guarantee and no side effects.

Overall, a great product that we would highly recommend.

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